Memoirs of an Adoptee

My dear readers, I’ve made an important decision for now. I am going to stop with this blog’Stories from an adoptee’. It was a very intensive and wonderful journey with you. Reason for stopping is that I don’t feel the need to write about my adoption… Read More

Wings and Roots

Someone once said that there are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots and the other one is wings. I think I received them, but from two different parents.  My (adoption) parents gave me wings, they showed me what I could become.… Read More

Olympic Games

The most important news is about the Olympic Games today. Everybody in the world is watching them. I really like watching these game. But there ‘s always a returning question people ask me during the Olympic Games. For which country am I for? I find it very… Read More

Space separates bodies, not minds

Sometimes you will see a beautiful quote. I found a wonderful quote from Erasmus about how bodies can be separated but the minds aren’t. I would like to share this quote with you. It makes me think about someone I know. I don’t see people… Read More

Journey to the past

Last weekend I did something very special. I was dressed up with traditional clothes from my village where I grew up. They wore those kind of clothes like 50 years ago and now I wore them too for the very first time. It felt pretty… Read More

Imagination will take you everywhere

It’s summer and six years ago I went back to China. I visited  with my parents my birthplace Chengdu in Sichuan. We visited the panda’s,  the orphanage and Leshan (The big Buddha). It was a wonderful journey, a journey to the past. Deep inside I… Read More