Big River

Poem for my birth mother:

One tear for not recognising your face
One tear for not remembering your voice
One tear for not feeling your warmth
One tear for not understanding your choice

One tear for missing my first moments of life
One tear for losing my mother language
One tear for letting go of you
One tear for getting lost in both worlds
One tear for feeling blue

One tear for bringing me to the light
One tear for sacraficing me
One tear for your courage and fears
One tear for missing me
One tear for all your tears

One tear for giving me an enriched life
One tear for giving me brand new hope
One tear for our big loss and sorrow
One tear for not knowing where we are
One tear for hoping for tomorrow

Tears of loss and love
Tears of sorrows and joy
Tears of loneliness and hope
Tears of courage and regret
My tears are falling in a big river
You are the one I will never forget


Love, The Happy Panda!

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I am Wanxia Yang and I call myself the Happy Panda from Europe. I was adopted when I was two years old from the province Sichuan in China . I am 25 years old and I love writing stories about my experiences as an adult adoptee. My goal is to create more awarenes about adoption in dailylife for everyone who’s interested.