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Hello everybody, I’m happy to announce that I have changed my wordpress page.
I have found another inspiring wordpress theme called ‘Moka’ from Elma studio. I kept the blog posts I already wrote, so don’t worry. It’s now even more well-arrenged.
I first wanted to keep my first page layout but eventually I chose not to, for these reasons;

10 Advantages of my new blog page:

  • All the blog post are ranked in alphabaetical order
  • You can read the last 6 post at the top of the homepage
  • I now can share you my personal pictures I made on my trip back to China in a moodboard
  • You can now find and follow me easily on social media by clicking on one button
  • The logo of the Happy Panda is bigger
  • I added a page about adoption organisation I have contacted
  • You can directly subscribe your mailadress to my blog
  • I added a calender where you can see on which day I posted an item
  • The blog stats are visible on the page, the more the better!
  • My top post and pages are also on my homepage

I hope you like the new blog as much as I do. I am very happy about it and I want to share you the website where I bought this beautiful theme: So thank you Elma!


Thank you for visiting me, please share and like my blog

Love, The Happy Panda!

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I am Wanxia Yang and I call myself the Happy Panda from Europe. I was adopted when I was two years old from the province Sichuan in China . I am 25 years old and I love writing stories about my experiences as an adult adoptee. My goal is to create more awarenes about adoption in dailylife for everyone who’s interested.