Letter to my (adoption) Mother

I may not have your eyes, but you made me see the world. You taught me to see the ‘’Good’’ in people. You told me to trust. I am gratefull that I learned to built, trust and hope on other people. Because of you and my father I learned that trust is something valuable. It can move mountains, it can heal wounds and it can reduce sorrows. I could always trust you; I trusted you for picking me up after ballet, for not ever leaving me alone, for helping me if I fell off my bike, for helping me with homework, for cooking my favourite meals, for kissing me goodnight before I went to sleep,  for always telling the truth about everything and for being my mother. Now other people can trust me because I learned what the word means.

We didn’t have the best start. Our start was in Asia where I couldn’t walk and speak. You worried about me if I would turn out to be a healthy and strong woman. Well mother I can assure you I am able to travel on my own, I would run a thousand miles for you and I feel fiercer than ever. I learned to take care of myself because of you. Learned to do my hair, to use the right shower creams, right shoes, to cut my hair and to have a healthy lifestyle. I eat two fruits a day, enough vegetables and not too much meat. Furthermore I have the strength of a lion. I can yoga, run and cycle. Sometimes I am afraid of diseases I will have that we don’t know. I don’t come from your tummy so this means that we don’t share the same DNA. But, I shouldn’t worry about it that much, because death is inevitable. Moreover nobody knows what happens in a lifetime.

I promise you that when you are getting older and you can’t walk as quickly as you want, I will give you an arm. I promise that I will call you everyday when I live too far away from you to visit you. I promise you that I will never leave you alone when you get older. I promise that I will never forget you, you are my mother and you will always be. Many years you were the one I could built and lean on. As you are getting older I hope I can be your person to trust and lean on. (Ps. I love you)

Love, The Happy Panda!

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I am Wanxia Yang and I call myself the Happy Panda from Europe. I was adopted when I was two years old from the province Sichuan in China . I am 25 years old and I love writing stories about my experiences as an adult adoptee. My goal is to create more awarenes about adoption in dailylife for everyone who’s interested.