Yesterday I have reached more than 10,000 views! It’s a milestone and I really appreciate the fact that people from all over the world read my blog. Besides reading, people share repost, pin, tweet or tag my blog. If you want to know where people share my blog posts please take a look at my page ”Media publicized articles”. It’s wonderful to experience that there is a big need for personal adoption stories. It makes me happy that I can fulfill these needs. During my blog journey I have experienced that there are also many other adoptees and adoption organisations who want to create awareness about adoption. If you are interested which organisations, please read ”connect to adoption organisations’‘ page.
I am not the only adoption blogger and this idea makes me happy. I still believe it’s important people get well educated about the subject adoption. Not only people who are unaware, but also adoptees and adoption parents.  All these people need to be educated and have to know all kind of diferent adoption stories. You can read all my adoption stories at the page ‘‘stories’‘.  Adoption is a huge subject and can be interpretated in so many ways. Therefore it’s important people have the opportunity to read stories from all different kind of points of views.
I’d like to end this blog post with the following quote: ”People think that stories are shaped by people, but in fact it’s the other way around” (Terry Pratchett).

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Thank you!

Love, The Happy Panda!


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