Love Crosses Oceans ♡

There are many people who are connected with adoption. First of course the adoptees who are adopted. Secondly the adoption parents who adopt children. Logically there are more adoption parents than adoptees.  Thirdly the biological parents who give up their child. Beside these persons there are also families, friends who get in touch with adoption. As I talk to other people I found out that everyone know some family who adopt .Which mean, there are incredibly more people who get in touch with adoption. I asked myself how many people are connected/get in touch with adoption exactly. Luckily I found some beautiful stats about adoption in America.

This image tells that 1 in 25 american households have at least one adopted child.
135,000 U.S children are adopted each year. Even 58% of Americans know someone who is adopted or who as adopted. I find these facts stunning, because it means that adoption is in our present. Adoption is a part of our culture and our world. That’s why it’s important people talk about adoption and read about it. This gives me even more  motivation to write  post for my blog! See in the infographic below for more information and other facts:

Adoption facts

Love, The Happy Panda!