You are mine – mine to me

Today I went to the movie The Jungle Book from Disney. It is a movie about a boy called Mogli who was raised by wolves. He was found by a black panther Bagheera after a Tiger Shere Khan killed his father in a cave. Mogli learned to live with the wolves and almost became a wolf. Unfortunately Shere Khan didn’t want Mogli in the Jungle. He thought humans don’t belong there. Therefore Mogli had to leave the Jungle while he really didn’t want to. He still thinks of himself as a wolf. In the end he saves many animals and shows everyone else that his heart is in the Jungle. Luckily everybody accepts that he belongs to the jungle, right where his heart is.

I really enjoyed this movie because the animals looked very real. Besides that, the music was beautiful. On top of that the story was heartwarming. And last but not least, I really enjoyed the adoption motive. The moment that Mogli was adopted by the wolves was touching. But also the moment that Mogli discovers that he is not a wolf neither a human. This struggle is familiair for many other adoptees. Eventually, he finds out that he doesn’t have to choose who he is or wants to be. He became Mogli, a human in the jungle. He reunited both worlds in one, just like many adoptees from all over the world do. Finding yourself between two different kind of worlds. Not impossible but hard. But if you succeed, one can be very happy. 

I would like to end this blog post with a quote from the movie. A beautiful scene between Mogli and his (Wolf) mother, it’s that moment where Mogli decided to go to the human world:
Never forget this — you’re mine — mine to me. No matter where you go, or what they may call you, you will always be my son,


Love, The Happy Panda!