Use Social Media for your search?

Twins Emelie Falk and Lin Backlund made headlines all over the world in 2012 when they were reunited after being separated at birth. They were adopted more than three decades ago from an orphanage in Semarang, Indonesia, by different Swedish parents. In a remarkable turn of events, both ended up living just 70km apart, less than an hour’s drive from each other, in Helsingborg, Sweden. The sisters uploaded a photo of themselves to Facebook on Aug 15 last year with the hashtag #Hunt4Heru. Within 24 hours, their post received more than 6,000 shares and 460,000 views and messages started pouring in from people claiming to be or to know Heru.  Within a week of their original Facebook post, the sisters had found both their brother.(

There are more and more people searching for their relatives or biological parents via social media. But what are the pros s and cons? I made short list of my own;


  • Social Media is fast and your message can go viral.
  • You will get many reactions in a short period of time.
  • There’s a chance of finding them, nothing ventured nothing gained!
  • You will get to know more people and have more connections
  • You will find support from other adoptees who are searching.
  • Maybe you will become a famous adoptee?


  • There are people with bad intentions who can pretend to be your family?
  • You will get too much focused on finding your family and therefore find it even more disappointed if you see that others find them earlier.
  • Everybody will remember you from the girl/boy who shared their search online.
  • Sometimes people give negative reactions on your search and can cyberbully.
  • Your story is not private anymore, everybody knows it.
  • Once your picture is online, it can never be deleted on the internet.

There are many pros & cons, so what do you think?



Love, The Happy Panda!