No Hands But Ours

There are many wonderful adoption blogs in the world. I would like to share a very special one. The name of this blog website is called ”No Hands But Ours”. It is a blog for parents who have adopted a child from China with special needs. The website offers you a lot of information about adopting a child with special needs. There are many resources avaible like adoption books, articles, blogs and other recourses. The website has I think a wonderful name and the name came from an amazing poem.

No Hands But Ours began as a sliver of a dream in 2004, when Stefanie, now a mother of 13 (9 from China), was in the process of pursuing her first adoption from China. Stefanie struggled to find adequate resources for researching special needs, and was frustrated by the lack of real-life information from other parents of special needs children. In late 2008 – and three SN adoptions later – her dream of a site to encourage, equip and support families adopting special needs children from China was finally realized.

The inspiration for the name of the site came from the poem below. As Saint Theresa so eloquently reminds us, we are the hands and feet of Christ. It is our prayer that He would allow us to be His instrument to bless those on the journey to adopt from China as well as those children who will be coming home. Here you can read the wonderful poem.


I think it’s important that the voices of adoptees with special needs are told. Therefore I truly support this blog. If you are interested please take a look at their website:

Love, The Happy Panda