Olympic Games

The most important news is about the Olympic Games today. Everybody in the world is watching them. I really like watching these game. But there ‘s always a returning question people ask me during the Olympic Games. For which country am I for? I find it very hard to answer this question. It even really hurts a bit.  I was born in China and I grew up in Holland, I didn’t chose for this life.  The question hurts because it makes me feel like I have to defend the country I am for. If I say I only support  China, they will say: of course we understand that because you were born there. On the other way if I say Holland, then I feel I am betraying China. I am still a little bit confused about this issue. I don’t want to choose for which country I support. Why chosing? Why do some people want you to choose? I understand them, because they think they will get to know you. But honestly they really don’t. This questions sums the whole adoption situation for me. Don’t choose a party. Don’t choose wether you are Chinese or European, you can be both!. Chose to be a person who is kind, honest and patient. And never choose because someone ask you. And if they ask you again, tell them that you choose the the one that is the best athlete.

china en nederland

Love, The Happy Panda!