Adoption Sources

Documentaries with an adoption theme;

  • Twinsters
  • Somewhere in between
  • The art and the Sudanese twins
  • Off and running
  • Struggle for identity
  • Resilience

Adoption documentaries

Movies with an adoption theme;

  • Losing Isaih
  • The odd life of Timonthy Green
  • The Blindside
  • Juno
  • Philomenia
  • Adopted
  • Benjamin Button
  • Approved for adoption

Adoption movies

Books with an adoption theme;

  • I did not kill my husband
  • Mother bridge of Love
  • Message from an unknown chinese mothers
  • The red thread – an adoption fairy tale
  • Buy me the sky
  • I wished for you
  • Over the moon
  • The spirit of adoption
  • When I met you
  • What to expect when your Adopted
  • You were always in my heart
  • All about adoption
  • You are not my real mother

adoptie boeken

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