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Writing stories matter!

I started this blog with the intention to create more awareness about adoption. With my stories I want to give people a full¬†impression about being adopted. Not only the negative stories should be told by the media. For example: higher risk at suicide for adoptees,… Read More

Adoption dictionary

Words can hurt, even when you have the best intentions.¬† I have met a lot of people who used the wrong terms according to me. In my eyes some words sound quite negative. For example the words “real and fake”. Words like “fake” imply that… Read More

I did not kill my husband

I recently went to a bookstore and found the book “I did not kill my husband” by Liu Zhenyun (2014) . I saw a picture of the author and saw that the author was Chinese. Books about China have always my attention. The book is… Read More

Children’s Books

One of my biggest hobbies is to read. When I was little I read a lot of illustrated childrens’ books. I loved to read stories about adoption. I want to share my top three illustrated childrens’ books about adoption with you (I’m from China and… Read More

Ted talks Chineasy

My first present from my boyfriend was the book called “Chineasy” from Shaolan Hsueh. You can learn to write and read Chinese by this book. This book teaches the key characters on which the language is built and how these characters can be combined to… Read More

Wild Swans – Jung Chang (Book)

I learned a lot about European history when I was at highschool. Unfortunately we didn’t learn much about China’s history. I really wanted to learn more about the country I come from. My mother recommended me to read Wild Swans written by Jung Chang. This… Read More