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Letter to my three brothers

This letter is dedicated fot my brothers. I have three brothers who are much older than me. I am the youngest family member. I am also the only adoptee in the family.  My brothers aren’t adopted and look very european. They are big, handsome and… Read More

A Valentine’s day message:

Some people say adoptees find it difficult to have a relationship. They think adoptees have attachment issues. They fear seperation, longtime relationships or can’t express their feelings. I don’t want to deny these problems because they do occur. When I was a child I feared… Read More

Roots & Origins

Adoptees who don’t have a birth certificate don’t know their exact age and place they were born. I for example don’t have a birth certificate and I don’t know on which date and time I was really born. Still I do have an age and I… Read More

I’m a barbie girl!

When I was a younger I loved to play with  Barbies. I had all kind of Barbie; Barbie with long blond hair, barbies with short brown hair, barbies who could swim under water or barbies who I could color their hair. Unfortunately I never had… Read More

Memory Box

When I was younger I used to collect items of China. I had a big box under my bed with pictures of China, Chinese dresses, chopsticks, bowls, dolls, sculptures of panda’s and books about China. It felt like China had come to me; under my… Read More

Children’s Books

One of my biggest hobbies is to read. When I was little I read a lot of illustrated childrens’ books. I loved to read stories about adoption. I want to share my top three illustrated childrens’ books about adoption with you (I’m from China and… Read More