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Meaning of Yangwanxia

My wordpress website is called Yangwanxia. Yangwanxia is the name the orphanage gave me. Some people ask me what my name truly means. To be honest I don’t know exactly. Unfortunately the orphanage doesn’t know this too anymore. Reason, they renewed and lost some of my… Read More

Year of the monkey

On february the eight it will be Chinese New Year. It will be the year of the monkey. In Chinese monkey means “Hóu” . Sometimes children from the orphanage are named by the year they were born. Mostly this happens to foundlings. I am for… Read More

Adoption dictionary

Words can hurt, even when you have the best intentions.  I have met a lot of people who used the wrong terms according to me. In my eyes some words sound quite negative. For example the words “real and fake”. Words like “fake” imply that… Read More

Ted talks Chineasy

My first present from my boyfriend was the book called “Chineasy” from Shaolan Hsueh. You can learn to write and read Chinese by this book. This book teaches the key characters on which the language is built and how these characters can be combined to… Read More

Lost Language

It’s not easy to learn Chinese. Chinese is a language based on four tones. If you can’t differentiate them it’s not easy to learn. My wish is to learn Chinese and I was wondering if I could learn this easily. A couples moths ago I… Read More