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Happy Panda Logo!

Hello everybody! I would like to share my new logo with you. As you might know I’m the Happy Panda and therefore I have chosen a panda who smiles. The panda is in black and white (like the real pandas in China). The different black… Read More

Laila & Louis

Sandra Bullock recently adopted a 3,5 months old babygirl called Laila. She already had Louis (boy) as an adoption child. In People magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman” in April, the Oscar-winning actress told that her role as mom actually makes her feel the most beautiful. Sandra… Read More

Interracial relations ♡

There are a lot of prejudices when it comes to interracial relationships. My lover’s etnicity is caucasian and mine is asian. We have the same etnicities as Mark Zuckerberg and his wife (the person who invented facebook). Some people think for example that asian girls… Read More

HUMAN Documentary

I recently watched the documentary HUMAN from Yann Arthus-Bertrant. A documentary where people from all over the world tell their own stories. Through these stories full of love and happiness, as well as hatred and violence, HUMAN brings us face to face with the Other,… Read More

Raised by a Star ☆

In Hollywood a lot of famous celebrities have adopted a child(ren). I think it’s good that they have the opportunity to do this. My wish for the famous adoptees is that they will be loved, they feel home and can cope with the adoption impact.… Read More

23AndMe Kit

Juli 21 (2015) Two korean-american adoptees found each other by using a DNA kit. They were distant relatives and were very happy to meet each other. One year ago I almost considered to use the DNA kit 23AndMe. I wanted to know if I have… Read More

Lost Language

It’s not easy to learn Chinese. Chinese is a language based on four tones. If you can’t differentiate them it’s not easy to learn. My wish is to learn Chinese and I was wondering if I could learn this easily. A couples moths ago I… Read More