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Chinese Poster – Happy Easter!

Although Chinese propaganda was not always used by the best intentions, the art form was really beautiful. There were for example even rules if you wanted to paint something, still the Chinese artists made beautiful posters we can’t forget. I really like the colours, composition,… Read More

Self Portrait of an adoptee

Yesterday I made a self portrait. Left side represents how people see me for the first time. An Asian girl with long straight black hair, almond shaped brown eyes ¬†little big nose and a heart shaped mouth . The right side represents how people think… Read More

Ancient Secret Revealed!

Five years ago my mother and I took lessons in painting chinese style in China. I always was wondering how they paint the bamboo in their beautiful black and white paintings. Finally we knew the secret! It’s very easy. I really enjoy painting chinese style,… Read More

Dare to Dream

When I was still at university I followed a course called “Explore your dreams” . Our assigment was to draw or paint our dreams. During the course we had to think about what we dreamed often. I always imagined (still imagine) how my first mother… Read More