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Red thread – Poem

There is a red thread between two different kind of worlds, One world with red dragons, incense and lantarns  I cannot remember, I guess I lost her many years ago, What she really was like, I will never ever know. She changed very fast after… Read More

A culture so divine will never be mine

I love to write poems but I also love to read poems. I just read an incredibly poem called ”Chinese New Year” by Lynda Hull. Lynda Hull was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1954. Hull lived in various Chinatowns across North America and married a Chinese… Read More

I carry you in my heart ♡

One of the most wonderful poet of history is E.E. Cummings. He writes poems about love. I would like to share my favorite poem of him; “I carry you in my heart”. I can relate to this poem because sometimes Im afraid to lose people… Read More