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Brand new Blog!

Hello everybody, I’m happy to announce that I have changed my wordpress page. I have found another inspiring wordpress theme called ‘Moka’ from Elma studio. I kept the blog posts I already wrote, so don’t worry. It’s now even more well-arrenged. I first wanted to keep… Read More

Reap what you sow

I started this blog three months ago. I’m happy to share with you that I have reached more than 3.000 views! People from whole over the world have read my blog. The picture shows how many people have seen my blog and where they come… Read More

Happy Panda Logo!

Hello everybody! I would like to share my new logo with you. As you might know I’m the Happy Panda and therefore I have chosen a panda who smiles. The panda is in black and white (like the real pandas in China). The different black… Read More

Xièxie – Thank you!

Hello everybody! I started my blog almost six ago and I already have more than 6000 views. I really appreciate it that you take time to read my blog. Never expected that so many people are interested to read stories from an adoptee. People from all over… Read More