About the Happy Panda!

Ni Hao / Hello!

I’d like to introduce myself. I am the Happy Panda from Europe. I was adopted when I was two (Sichuan). I am now 24 years old and just graduated as a social worker.I studied social work and during the lessons we learned to create/stimulate awareness. My goal is to create awarenes about adoption in dailylife for everyone who’s interested.

Adoption still has a big influence on my dailylife. It has a negative and positive effect on my life. I sometimes feel like an outsider. But I also experienced the benefits of being adopted; I have a multcultural identity. I have the best of both sides of the world!

In october 2015 I started a blog about being adopted. Interesting adoption related subjects will be shown, like adoption movies or books. I also add adoption poems and paintings I make in my freetime. I hope to give people a full impression about being adopted from China. And I hope my blog gives you insights about being adopted from an adoptee perspective.

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Thank you very much!

Love, The Happy Panda!

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  1. Catherine Fabio

    Hello HP.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. Your thoughts and words were authentic. I suspect they reflect the experiences of many young women and girls.

    I am an adoptive mom to an amazing 9-year-old child (adopted from Hunan Province in 2007). I’m also a researcher and writer (Ed.M. Harvard, 1997) interviewing girls and young women with Chinese adoption histories. My goal is to capture their voices, to provide a space for them to share their perspectives with the rest of the world. I hope you will contact me. I’d really like to talk with you.

  2. Dear Catherine Fabio,

    Thank you very much for your positive reaction and thank you for the beautiful compliment!
    I hope many people can relate to my stories. It’s wonderful to read that you are an adoptive mother who wants to capture voices of adoptees. I was wondering for what purpose you want to capture them? Of course I want to talk to you. Please be free to contact me on my mail: yangwanxia1991@gmail.com

    Love, The Happy Panda!

  3. Love finding your site! My daughter is adopted from China and it is nice to hear adoption from an adoptees perspective.

  4. Dear Rosemond, thank you so much for your reaction. Hope my blog gives you new insights and hope and maybe comforth in difficult times. Enjoy reading my blog!

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